The Italian genius can solve the problem of pollution






ECOENERGY® is capable of reducing polluting emissions in the atmosphere deriving from any combustion process.  It can be used in numerous applications, some already tested and some considered possible, including all types of internal combustion engines, for various types of transport, incinerators and waste-to-energy plants, domestic and industrial boilers and wood burning ovens for alimentary use.

It is based on a simple physical principle:   smoke is slowed down and cooled to such a temperature that the moisture within it condensates; the small drops of liquid created cause the solid particles in the smoke (PM 10 and PM 2.5) to precipitate and, at the same time, trap most of the nitrogen and sulphur oxides that may be present.

Various practical tests have been carried out to test its use with almost all commonly used combustible materials such as:  BTZ (dense oil with a low sulphur content), diesel, methane, petrol, LPG and wood. The system is composed of one or more stainless steel pipes and the structure can be compared to that of a silencer or an oversize chimney, except for the fact that it contains a series of finned disks designed to convey the smoke, forcing it to follow a helical trajectory. This special internal structure lengthens the distance that the smoke has to travel, ensuring that it is evenly distributed in the pipe: this is designed to improve the heat exchange between the smoke and the air outside.

The size of the machine is defined by the diameter and length of the piping system, sized in relation to the quantity of smoke in transit, its inlet temperature and the heat disposal mechanism located externally to the pipes.

The construction material chosen for previously tested applications was stainless steel AISI 316 as it combines excellent mechanical properties with good chemical resistance to corrosion in the presence of acid substances. In terms of its construction, Ecoenergy® is simply the result of a special process using thin stainless steel sheets (from 0.8 to 1.5 mm thick) assembled using a spot welder and/or TIG welding.

The nature of the filter support structures and any cooling and condensate collection systems differ in relation to the type of application.

To conclude this general introduction, we wish to underline that the system does not use any chemical additives, eliminating the need to purchase and dose such material, nor does it require special semi-permeable membranes or other filtration materials that are subject to clogging and require regular replacement.   For this reason, maintenance and operating costs are extremely low.



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